Low cost Life Coaching

  • Are you achieving your full potential?
  •  Is your life where you want it to be?
  •  Do you sometimes feel unhappy, unfulfilled, lost, anxious, stuck?
  •  Are there things you would like to do but you don’t have the confidence to try them?
  •  Do you want things to be different?

Life Coaching @YPC
Works by:

  • Challenging you to change the things you want to.
  • Showing you different techniques and tools to give you control of your thoughts and actions.
  • Raising your awareness and giving you the ability to act.
  • Confronting and changing your fears and anxieties.
  • Helping you set clear and achievable goals.
  • Increasing your confidence and self esteem.
  • Finding solutions and moving forwards.

What young people say about Life Coaching:

  • ..the sessions have really helped me as I am starting to learn how to apply the positive thinking to other areas of my life and I can see the difference. I definitely prefer being a positive person!
  • I really enjoyed the Life Coaching sessions. I felt as though I was being listened to and valued. It gave me confidence in my decision making.
  • Life Coaching sessions can make a huge change in someone’s life – as they have in mine.
  • Quite a lot of change has happened over the past couple of months, but has all been good changes!    I am far more happier than where I was …I think I am in a far better place now!

What happens next:

If you are aged 11 – 25 and living in or around  Brighton and Hove, you can access low cost Life Coaching sessions at the Young People’s Centre, 69 Ship Street, Brighton, BN1 1AE

Phone or email to arrange a brief chat with our Life Coach and find out more.

(01273 887886)

Sexual Health Services Provided @ YPC

  • Sexual Health support
  • Free condoms & lubricant
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Chlamydia testing

Our staff can support you through sexual health work – we can provide condoms, pregnancy tests and chlamydia testing. We can advise on relationships and suggest specialist services that may be able to help you.


The Brighton and Hove Sexual Health and Contraception Service (SHAC) offer a range of booked and ‘walk-in and wait’ appointments across the city, as well as providing a range of advice and information on their website: